10 Questions To Ask When Choosing Swimming Lessons For Kids

These are some important questions to consider when choosing swimming lessons for kids. It's important to find a program that provides a safe and supportive environment for learning, has experienced and knowledgeable instructors, and a structured approach to teaching swimming skills. Additionally, it's important to consider the schedule, cost, and curriculum of the program to ensure that it meets your child's needs and your family's schedule.

4/13/20232 min read

toa payoh swimming lessons
toa payoh swimming lessons

Choosing the right swimming lessons for your child can be a daunting task, but it's an important one to ensure their safety and development in the water. Here are 10 questions to ask when selecting a swimming program for your child:

  1. What is the age range for the swimming lessons?

    It's important to find a program that caters to your child's age group, as different age groups require different teaching approaches and safety protocols.

  2. What is the instructor-to-student ratio?

    A low instructor-to-student ratio is important for safety and personalized attention. Ideally, the ratio should be no more than 1:6.

  3. What is the experience level of the instructors?

    Ensure that the instructors have appropriate certifications and experience working with children.

  4. What is the curriculum for the swimming lessons?

    Look for a program that has a structured approach to teaching swimming skills, with clear objectives and progress markers.

  5. What is the schedule for the swimming lessons?

    Check that the schedule fits your family's needs and that there are enough lessons offered to make consistent progress.

  6. Is there a structured approach to teaching swimming skills?

    A program with a structured approach ensures that skills are taught in a logical order, building upon previous skills learned.

  7. What is the duration of each swimming lesson?

    The ideal duration depends on the age and skill level of the child. Generally, younger children should have shorter lessons, while older children can handle longer lessons.

  8. What is the cost of the swimming lessons?

    Consider the cost in relation to the quality of the program, instructor experience and student ratio.

  9. Are there different levels of swimming lessons available?

    A program with different levels of lessons allows for progression and development of skills at a pace that suits the child.

  10. Are there any safety protocols in place during the swimming lessons?

    It's important to check that the program has appropriate safety protocols in place, coaches are certified and care and concern for safety is maintained.

By asking these 10 questions, you can ensure that you choose a swimming program that is safe, effective, and suits the needs of your child. Remember, finding the right program is key to helping your child develop the skills and confidence to enjoy the water safely.