Fun and Engaging Swimming Lessons at Our Swim School to Meet SwimSafer Stage 1 Test Criteria

Dive into our swim school's engaging swimming lessons that fulfill the requirements of the SwimSafer Stage 1 test. With small classes and age-appropriate groupings, our supportive environment encourages confidence and skill development. From entries and exits to underwater skills and survival techniques, our interactive approach led by experienced instructors ensures enjoyable learning while promoting water safety. Join us to make a splash and build a lifelong love for swimming with essential skills.

6/7/20234 min read

swim safer stage 1 test
swim safer stage 1 test

We believe that learning to swim should be a fun and engaging experience for students of all ages. We understand the importance of meeting the objectives of the SwimSafer Stage 1 test criteria while ensuring that our swimming lessons are enjoyable and effective. In this article, we will outline how SgSwimClasses conducts swimming lessons that cater to the specific requirements of the SwimSafer Stage 1 test. Our approach includes small class sizes and grouping students based on their age, creating a safe and supportive learning environment.

Entries & Exits:

To meet the SwimSafer Stage 1 test criteria for entries and exits, we focus on teaching our students the proper techniques for safe entry and exit from the pool. Our instructors demonstrate and guide students on the slide-in entry method and practice using the ladder and pool edge for exiting. By providing clear instructions and encouraging practice, we ensure that students are confident in their ability to enter and exit the water safely.

Sculling & Body Orientation:

Developing proper body orientation and sculling skills are essential for water safety and swimming proficiency. We introduce front float techniques such as the mushroom or jellyfish float, where students float on their front for 5 seconds before recovering to a standing position. Similarly, we teach students the back float technique, emphasizing a relaxed and balanced position in the water. Through engaging activities and games, we make these skills enjoyable while helping students develop confidence and body control in the water.

Underwater Skills:

To help students become comfortable in the water and develop underwater skills, we introduce submersion exercises. In waist-deep water, students are taught to submerge, open their eyes, and blow bubbles. This activity not only helps them overcome any fear of submersion but also builds their breath control and water confidence.

Movement / Swimming / Strokes:

For movement and swimming skills, we focus on both the front and back positions. Students practice alternating arms and legs, as well as simultaneous arm and leg movements, to propel themselves 10 meters on their front and 5 meters on their back. By incorporating interactive games and drills, we make the learning process enjoyable, encouraging students to improve their swimming abilities while having fun in the water.

Survival & Activity Skills:

Survival and activity skills are crucial components of the SwimSafer Stage 1 test criteria. We teach students to signal distress, grasp a flotation aid, and float for 10 seconds. They also learn to move to the pool's edge while holding onto the flotation aid, followed by safe water exit techniques. By incorporating these skills into interactive activities and scenarios, we ensure that students understand the importance of safety in and around the water.

In addition to swimming skills, we also emphasize dressed skills to enhance students' water safety knowledge. Students learn to correctly fit a personal flotation device (PFD) and demonstrate their ability to jump into the water, float for 30 seconds, and climb out of deep water while wearing swimwear, shorts, and a t-shirt. This exercise helps build confidence and prepares students for unexpected situations in which they may find themselves fully clothed in the water.


Understanding the principles of personal safety and survival, environmental awareness, health awareness, emergency situations, and survival techniques is vital for water safety. We incorporate these topics into our lessons through interactive discussions and demonstrations. By providing students with the necessary knowledge and awareness, we empower them to make informed decisions and respond effectively in various water-related situations.


At SgSwimClasses, we are committed to providing fun and engaging swimming lessons that meet the objectives of the SwimSafer Stage 1 test criteria. Through small class sizes, age-appropriate grouping of students, and a supportive learning environment, we ensure that each student receives personalized attention and can progress at their own pace. By incorporating interactive games, drills, and activities, we make the learning process enjoyable and engaging, fostering a love for swimming while developing essential water safety skills.

Our instructors are experienced and knowledgeable, dedicated to creating a positive and nurturing environment for students to thrive in. They employ various teaching techniques, including positive reinforcement, clear demonstrations, and individualized feedback, to help students master the required skills for the SwimSafer Stage 1 test.

We understand that swimming lessons are not just about meeting test criteria; they are also about instilling confidence, building friendships, and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. Therefore, our swim school goes beyond the basic requirements of the SwimSafer Stage 1 test by incorporating additional activities and challenges that encourage teamwork, communication, and personal growth.

Throughout the lessons, we maintain a strong focus on water safety, constantly reinforcing the importance of following rules, staying vigilant, and being aware of one's surroundings. By integrating knowledge-based discussions and practical exercises, we ensure that students understand the principles of personal safety, environmental awareness, health considerations, emergency situations, and survival techniques.

In conclusion, at our swim school, we are dedicated to providing fun and engaging swimming lessons that meet the objectives of the SwimSafer Stage 1 test criteria. Through small class sizes, age-appropriate grouping, interactive teaching methods, and a comprehensive approach to water safety, we empower our students to become confident and competent swimmers. By combining skill development with enjoyment, we strive to create a positive and memorable experience that will not only help students pass the test but also foster a lifelong love for swimming and water activities.

swimsafer stage 1  backfloat
swimsafer stage 1  backfloat
swimsafer lifejacket
swimsafer lifejacket